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I make music and write.

I was born and live in Knoxville, Tennessee.

I like my coffee like I like my soul.

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Things about me

Artists forget how to exist as a co-component of society. Some become a cliche made up of clout and faking it to make it.

That’s fine, chase that bag in my opinion. Though, if the foundational work of curating and uplifting artists ready and willing to learn their craft isn’t performed, then the cycle of toxicity within the community will remain on a linear path. I seek to end this or at least chip away at it deliberately.

Not everyone is made to be in the spotlight, some don’t deserve it, and some don’t want to be.

I’m the latter. I do not decide the former. It’s why most of my work involves music production.

I’m no business man, nor a capitalist. I make money to survive and I make shit. I try to help others make shit.

I want to start a company that will enable people to make shit I trust myself with that plan, so with that said thank you for your curiosity.

I’m a filmmaker and writer, having had attended Watkins College of Art, Design, and Film in 2015 where I was breifly notorious for film directing, editing, and sound design, though I’ve been off my game as of late because I have a lot to attend to before I can pursue my passions without “worry”.

I’ve been creating music as a producer since I left school spring 2017, I’ve worked with 2D artwork between oil painting and sketching, I’m no Picasso.

I'm currently in the proccess of building a clothing company for artist created by artist.

I have a partner, his name is JZANE DESIGN.

You can read about my journey on Terrarium.

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